Welcome to The Querbes Park Foundation and thank you for your interest and support

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Our Mission: The Querbes Park Foundation was created to enhance one of Shreveports most historic park areas in the heart of our city. The city is operating with budget constraints and lack of priority that are almost ensuring the gradual decline of these properties. Our goal is to successfully partner with the city to raise the standards of this park area and not to assume any of the financial responsibilities that we believe the city should have to maintain them.

This is not a proven model in this city that we know of but we see no other way to reverse the decline of these valuable assets. Thank you to Shelly Ragle and her staff at SPAR and Querbes for partnering with us in this pioneering venture.

The Querbes Park Foundation is a qualified project of Shreveport Green and qualifies for 501-(c)-(3) status as a non profit.

Phase 1 Project of the Foundation:

We believe the Querbes Golf Course is the most significant part of this park and all of our initial efforts will be focused there. This facility has a legacy that precedes us all and will succeed us all. Sadly, the course has been allowed to deteriorate in what we consider to be a critical condition. Ditch on sixteen DSC01364We think the most sustaining and valuable assets of this beautiful inner city property are its trees. In summary there are 10 trees down on the property in various places that have not been removed in years. There are another 20-25 dead trees on the property still standing. There are several hundred trees that have not been properly pruned in years, if ever. dead limbs DSC01348

dead trees DSC01346 In reviewing early estimates we think this tree project is going to cost between $140,000 and $160,000. With new trees to plant in late fall and some work on several playing areas of the course we expect to spend $200,000 this year. We are hopeful to start this project in September of this year. We need the support of people like yourself and we need it now. With a successful Phase 1 we think we can expand our donor base significantly. It will take early and generous “believers”.

Please Donate   –   Make checks payable to Shreveport Green/Querbes Park and mail to P. O. Box 4987, Shreveport, LA 71134. (This account will be audited annually as required by Shreveport Green.)

Please Call with any Questions – PH: 318-780-7030

Please Email – westjpw@gmail.com

With gratitude for your support,

James “Jimbo West”   – Founding Member
Byron May – Board Member
Donna Curtis, Executive Director of Shreveport Green

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