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Massive Tree Pruning

In 2017, we completed a massive tree pruning project of the entire golf course. We professionally pruned over 420 trees over a four month period at an estimated cost of $150,000.

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Bathroom Remodeling

In October of 2017, we remodeled all of the on course bathrooms (2 Men’s, 2 Women’s). Tile floors were installed along with new LED lighting, fans, and new paint. The City of Shreveport contributed all painting inside and out. Motion detected lighting and auto-flush were added to the toilets and urinals.

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Driving Range

All driving range projects have been completed by the foundation. New concrete pad, new turf, new signs and trees trimmed. The site work of fencing, grading and sodding remains incomplete by the City at this time.

Planting of trees

In December of 2017, we planted approximately 30 new trees on the golf course and in the park. These locations were chosen by need and positioned by Jim Lipe of Jim Lipe Design, Golf Course Architect. There are 20 Loblolly Pines, 6 Shumard Oaks, 1 Live Oak, 2 Cypress Trees and one large Natchez Crepe Myrtle.


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There is no more URGENT need of the Foundation than to help out in any way we can with the tennis project at Querbes. The story is long but the only money the city has to spend on the Querbes tennis center is earmarked for the clubhouse to be brought to ADA standards. The tennis courts are in very bad shape from mostly age and lack of maintenance. These needs are urgent as there has been discussion of closing the courts until they are safer to play on. We are working as hard as we can with the Community Tennis Association to apply for grants, seek donations and do anything we can to remedy this situation. Please DONATE if you can and make it tennis specific if you wish.


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We’ve partnered with the Historic South Highlands Neighborhood Association so they could help prune and trim the West side of the Ockley Bayou from Madison Park to the Monrovia bridge. We made a small contribution to add to some grant money left if their budget for 2017 and this was a great improvement. This work is substantially complete.

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Recently, we received some grant money from the NGO program of Caddo parish. These funds were “earmarked” for the tree project in the park and a clean up of the sidewalks and right of way areas of Gregg St. Gregg St. borders the North side of the Golf Course and is one of the main access arteries to the park.

Since the work of the Foundation has started there have been several purchases of adjudicated properties along Gregg St. This along with our work in the right of ways should begin to show itself  by early 2018.