Fall 2021

Greetings from the Querbes Park Foundation !  We are so excited to have our newly remodeled tennis center up and running……or “humming” should I say.  Our new Pro Chris Dudley and his wife Amy are doing a wonderful job of building this business back to what it once was.


The remodel has been complete now for about 22 months.  In 2020 The Louisiana Tennis Association named The Querbes Tennis Center the “Facility of the Year” and we are all very proud of that.


This renovation is a prime example of what can happen when private money goes in to helping public money.  Again, thanks to the USTA, The Southern Section, The State Association and The Northwest Louisiana Community Tennis Association for all of their help in getting this done.  Their contributions to our $250,000 commitment to city totaled $100,000 and were a huge help in getting this done.


The parking lot in front of the park was overlayed at the end of last year and things and starting to look good again at Querbes Park.   Our work continues and as always we need your contributions to continue. Thank You.

Our Efforts Would Not Be Possible Without the Help of the Northwest Louisiana Community Tennis Association!